Spring and Sprung and a good morning read

Don’t usually do a recommended reading but since Spring is finally here, and I’ve been working on project right and left I thought it would be a good time for a read on those things that bring you back to a center. I found this article this morning and thought I’d share. Doesn’t seem to be a way to do it directly from their site but the title of the read is “25 Things You Should Never Stop Doing for Yourself” by Marc and Angela

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From Out of the Blue, Client Loses Painting

Had a client from out of the blue contact me with a request of a canvas print of his painting. He’d lost the original painting in a fire several years ago so I will be printing a canvas print for him to hang in his new home. Isn’t it great that you can do such a thing these days. Think of all the master works lost through floods, fire, wars and just age that could now be at least remembered through this means.

Other than that I am working like a demon refurbishing the workshop/studio and have been trying to upgrade things as I go. So purchasing a new scanner for this purpose and proceeding on the massive project of creating my archives in digital format. I sometimes think that people contact you just to remind you to do something NOW rather than later down the line. More soon.

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Time Lapse Video of Irises

I’ve uploaded the video to my gallery site on the time-lapse video of my irises.  The color on this time-lapse isn’t what I would like it to be but there you go, everything is a lot of work.  The final painting is located here, which is much more like the final piece.  http://gallery.deborahchapin.com/art-on-linen-canvas-floral-artwork-red-velvet-irises/  

or see

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The hunt is on for video demos ~ but editing needed.

Been hunting down the video demos, but a lot of the materials which I have need editing to play on the web, not quite the short little clip since most are complete paintings.  Will work on that this weekend along with continuing the inventory pack-up.  Also been working on the new website.  I think I’ve fiddled with things but nothing seems to be taking right so have to erase the changes and start again.  Oh well modern life.  Back to work.

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Can’t wait for Spring to get here.

Art on Linen Canvas, Floral artwork, Red Velvet, Deborah Chapin

Been quietly working away, and organizing my inventory.  It is an amazing amount of work considering I’ve worked on photographing, and organizing my work all throughout my career.  At any rate, progress is being made have started a stacking system by size and I’m getting ready for Spring.   Can’t wait actually so this week I’m hunting down the florals.   I’m trying to find some videos of my painting in the garden to add and will put these up hopefully when I do crossing my fingers.  I can’t wait till spring comes up again.   I think one of the reasons that it is so hard to do all this is that fact that it is such a large job, I get the “deer in headlights syndrome”.  I’ll put this piece up on the site Art on Linen Canvas, Red Velvet, Floral Artwork this week and hopefully I’ll be able to find the video footage of my painting the White Iris… so will photo that piece as well.  This will be a good project.  More Later.   Red Velvet, 20×30 plein air oil by Deborah Chapin

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What may be junk to you is my life’s work!

Well can we talk!  Huffington Post put out an article today obviously written by someone who lets face hasn’t had a life yet but has learned how to use a computer.

De-Clutter Now: 8 Things You Can Live Without

De -clutter HAH!  Deborah Chapin I’m not of like mind, unless you are in a war zone or a refugee you need to surround yourself with good culture, ie books, art, film, and the memories of your family and the life that you created along the way.   Culture is the measure of a society, I live in fear when I see someone write about not needing culture in their life.  The memories of a lifetime are all you end up with.  Maybe you can clear out junk, but what that is, is relative, being an artist I don’t count my books and my art among the clutter/ junk in my life, I call it my life’s work.

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Victoria Amazonica, the beginning of plein air


Victoria-Amazonica 20×30 plein air oil by Deborah Chapin

On of the first thing that I did when I started painting en plein air (on location) was to paint floral pieces.  I read about the Kenilworth Gardens here in the Washington Area and began with their collection of tropical waterlilies.  I thought well it was water subjects and still life floral, in addition to this I painted them as just the flower floating on a un-referenced perspective pond reflection, so the reflections of the neighboring trees created dark foils upon which to paint the flowers.  This piece is the Victoria Amazonica, without any reference it is very difficult to comprehend the size I admit, but this plant grows 6 foot wide individual leaves with a single flower.

Created a new category to start the florals with this piece http://gallery.deborahchapin.com/victoria-amazonica-20×30-plein-air-oil-deborah-chapin/

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The Journey Portfolio – Explorer in Paint 1

Some people aren’t talkers or writers they just paint, I’m someone who enjoys all aspects of creativity.  I like talking about art, exploring the world through the arts, painting and writing about the journey.  My friends have always remarked on my letters from the field,  so while I’m compiling my portfolio book and archive of press clippings, letters, etc I’ll be compiling stories or vignettes about the place, time or adventure, which went along with it.  In other words reflect on the journey, and bring those who follow this blog along for the exploration.  So to begin with I have amassed  a lot of material and work in 30+ years.  This is not going to be an instant poof “here it is” sort of project, it may take 10 years to do this completely.  If you are an impatient type or  get bored easily… uh oh.  And don’t forget (good fortune willing) the most interesting 20 years are ahead so this portfolio will be interrupted by side journeys, new paths and because I am no longer a young naive explorer in paint less time will be spent on things which don’t work.  So I’m organizing materials at the moment and deciding on the layout of the portfolio, I’m not limiting myself in size or scope because it will be an archive, history, dialogue on the times and art created.  You won’t see the chronology because I will share randomly since as I find materials I will be compiling it and organizing,  and for now we’ll call it “The Journey Portfolio” because essentially that will be what it is.

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Conquering the Corners of My Life.

conquering the corners of my life, by Deborah Chapin

conquering the corners of my life, by Deborah Chapin

Made a resolution this year to streamline and clean, as part of an ongoing attempt to clear the decks ready for action.  As part of this resolution process I decided the way to approach this 3 story collection of furniture, projects, art and materials was corner by corner, so I am proud to say I managed to organize this one little corner, recouping a  6 sq foot space….

I cropped this photo because the other areas next to this aren’t completely under control yet but, the journey of 1000 miles begins with the 1st step.


New updates to the website

I’ve uploaded two segments of original paintings and couple of lookbooksvideos … I’ve waited so long for the ability to integrate all the visual elements that go into making up the story of painting en plein air and the artist’s career.  The first website I put up on the web was in 1990-91 and I remember uploading pages overnight on the old Ethernet connection only to find that the next morning nothing had landed into the folder on the server (I envisioned floating webpages circling the earth somewhere…. :-)  I’m going to finish two more segments of  Original paintings categories or segments and begin the photography and organization of the art cave.    I’ll try to incorporate the video and logs from very long journey of original paintings and put up new works as I go along!

I’ve also revamped the NAPPAP show files, Newsletter files, putting up some pages from the NAPPAP gallery the links in the newsletter are not viable since it is not hooked up to the database any more.  I’m no longer using aspx pages but it does give an idea of what we did and as I find the paintings and can format them according to the new site I’ll put them up.   That is located here: http://gallery.deborahchapin.com/nappap-national-academy-of-professional-plein-air-painters-archives/

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