Organizing my studio to move – The Moving of a Studio

Well it has finally come the decision to move and build a new studio.   It has been a long wait and a lot water under the bridge, but logistically things finally seem to be coming together.  Hopefully.   Moving is normally a chaotic experience but throw in packing  frames, materials for a studio and artwork, books, prints, work benches full size easels not to mention 30 plus years of archives, memorabilia and all that accumulates from the entire family 3 generations and being the only one left … Well you get the idea.  The first mover estimated 13 tons we’ll see what the second mover estimates… That is just scratching the surface.  When I started packing up I decided to try to categorize my move because I knew that I couldn’t do it all in a cushy for life container myself.

So boxing by category of what I called sketches and ideas ranging to my most valuable work archives and items. With those pieces that were sketches being shipped and those which I considered my best being those that I would carry in one trip in my jeep. img_20170212_164140 img_20170205_141003

To organize the pieces and have an inventory I am photoing the piece with my tablet, wrapped it up then put the photo number on the package.  Then as I was sorting through the works to ship vs porting myself  I would sort the photos into two different folders one by the name of the shipping company the other named jeep.  The numbers of the works going via the shipper being put in the shipper folder.    Although I wasn’t doing a hi-res photo it would be enough for me to know what the piece was and the size and hence price of the painting.   At the other end of the project I simply put the photo in the arrival folder as I unpack.  When I am done with unpacking I will know exactly which pieces are damaged or didn’t arrive. Hopefully none but I’m fatalistic when it comes to anyone doing a perfect job these days.






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  1. THis is unbelievable. And your systems sound terrific.

    We have carefully packed 20 X 20 X 20 boxes from Lowe’s for several years, and taken four, the maximum allowed on the airline for 2 travelers, EVERY TIME we fly to California. It’s been a great way and inexpensive way to get things west, but I wish I had a system like yours. Almost everything has been unpacked and stored, or distributed in our furnished apartments, but now in 2017, I realize I am losing my grip. I don’t know what is in the last four boxes we’ll be taking on the 19th. Oh well, I’ll find out when we get there!

    Let me know the progress on selling your home, and finding a new one!



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