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As some of you may have noted I have been out of the loop here…. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy just that I have been doing more updating through Instagram and Lots or work to fill in the sold archives and press pieces as well as new work coming down the pike. Stay in Touch

Here’s what’s happening over the summer oldest to latest:

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Hi guys. WIP I stretched a new canvas and trying another longer piece that fits the composition I decided on for the commission idea. But in the meantime… I processed another video clip for you from a pre-dawn excursion in the fog and added a little something. I tried to create the feeling of not knowing what I’d find of groping my way to the shoreline. In the fog things are murky but also dreamlike. Let me know what you think. It’s only a minute and 46 seconds long but still won’t fit up on Instagram so I’ve uploaded it to Patreon if you want to see the longer version. 🙂 Link in my Bio. Or on my website If bio doesn’t work like Instagram mostly doesn’t it’s just no mystery. Still free since I’m still working out the kinks. Like the link. Getting in the mood. – – – – – – #enpleinair #pleinair #seascape #contemporaryart #contemporaryartist #maineart #bristolme #pemaquid #videoexperiment #art #mainecoast #VELPme #rockycoast #summertime #artstudio #womenartist @deborahchapin see more about supporting the lighthouses @mainelighthousetrust

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