Reasons to have an independent website – Not Art Finder, Etsy, and Amazon

I have been online since 1991 in some form or another. I still remember the whirling buzz of connecting by a phone line and trying to upload my first website created by hand one page at a time via Adobe Pagemaker.  Boy that seems like the middle-ages. However from time to time I’ve looked into doing a website in a group setting like ArtFinder, Etsy, Amazon etc. There are a couple of things to be wary of in doing a setup with these types of “marketplace” sites.  (more…)

Art Video Diary Part 8 – reflection base. The Thing With Feathers by Deborah Chapin

This a short clip simply because I used up my battery before I was able to do much video and this is just putting a base in for the reflection.    However you just missed the base foundation of the reflection and further layering of light layers in the background and working a little on the dress.  I have finally finished the first layer of painting and drawing of this piece. (more…)