Paintings of Women, Book of Water Project Progresses

Time is flying by and soon summer will be over,  I was thinking the other day, that I don’t think that I have ever been as busy as I have been this past couple of years.  Creating a new portfolio and organizing the archives.

I’m working on a new piece right now which is a good puzzle.  The pose is amazing with a new model “Josie” and I was so psyched when this magic combination appeared.    The painting has a lot of elements in it, we’re working with so many elements and basically painting with water, hair, figure and light before any brush hits the canvas.    We are both discovering that it is incredibly difficult to control the media 🙂 of water and light.  Like not possible.  But coaxing it in the right direction and then waiting to see what transpires makes it all worthwhile.  This takes the whole process to another level in composition and so I’ve been working through problems in structure using the charcoals and breaking down the elements.   The models and I have also been working hard to evolve what we’re doing.  Lots of hurdles and lots of learning so, the Book of Water progresses but not in a straight line.  I’ll post a charcoal when it is ready.

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