Art Video Diary Part 7 – Color The Thing With Feathers by Deborah Chapin

I am beginning to lay in color as you can see and I decided to put in the highest key first, I’ll let you know how that works, but I figured that since everything was going to have to work with this iridescent green might as well start with that hurdle. I apologize for a little glare on the canvas because I didn’t realize it.

I am not a conventional artist in that I have no rigid procedure for what I paint first next and last. However, I do follow a sense of development of a painting by that I mean I develop the painting as a whole together because everything has to fit together eventually I will keep honing the figure drawing but also be develop the ideas of the background next so that I can get a sense of how to proceed through each phase of the painting. So what may seem as a random order of what I choose to paint is me searching for a balance in the development of the painting.

Painting to me is a puzzle that is deciphered and fit together with the various tools at my disposal to depict the idea behind the painting. So light and dark describe the subject but also color and line… Some pieces have more emphasis on one of those tools than another, however as part of my focus in this piece I am choosing to push line forward. Also, I am not a paint-by-number painter so I don’t draw and outline on the canvas and then fill in the blanks. I think of it more like sculpting, honing the subject down and continual layers of refinement to “find” the perfect solution for each color, value or line aspect. This struggle to refine in my mind is all important to the rich character of the piece for ultimately it shows in the multitude of gradations possible in oil painting, there are no short cuts.

Art Video Diary, head Part 4-6 “The Thing With Feathers – Hope” painting by Deborah Chapin

Second set of videos is up on my website and YouTube channel. This is the continuation of the under painting of “The Thing With Feathers – Hope” painting. Hoping to finish by mid May if not sooner.  Had to take time out to do my taxes and other minor things but you can keep track of the progress of this project through my YouTube channel

Here’s part 4 the start of the portrait and upper torso.  This is the underpainting only not actually painting with color yet. The idea being to refine the drawing and develop the light and dark values for the actual painting term for this grisaille although I don’t like black or the dark flatness it adds to paintings so I use an umber (brown) or (sepia) earth clay color.   You will see what is apparently random jetting around.  Actually what I have on my brush ie light or dark paint makes the determination of where I am painting and I am hunting around for similar values in the piece.

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