Women Painting Women, new figure painting in progress, underwater portrait by Deborah Chapin

I started another oil  in my women painting women series about the 1st week of March, as some of these things go I decided to start anew last week not because the piece wasn’t coming out but because of the static quality of the pose which I felt wouldn’t be the right type of piece for this particular work.   So I started anew and picked a complicated twisted elaborate piece so… this should be a challenge.   I have tried several different ideas for this underwater portrait painting and have revamped it four times before I decided on the direction of each aspect of the piece.    Starting a new charcoal of the head study.   It will be titled “The Thing With Feathers – Hope” you shall see why it is entitled that as things progress.   The oil of this piece I’ve started on a gallery wrapped canvas,  Giselle on a 30″ x 36″ linen.  Now I hope that this one develops as hoped.   So far so good. Wish me luck. .


The Thing With Feathers, 30x36 , oil on linen
The Thing With Feathers, charcoal sketch study phase I

Which social media to use to expose your artwork

Well if you are like me you and you have been deciding which social media you to get word out on your shows and new works this might prove to be interesting http://www.pewinternet.org/2015/01/09/survey-methodology/ .   If you know where your collectors are then you know where to promote.  I suspect that Instagram has progressed since this article’s stats in relationship to the arts.

I have found that the WordPress blog is the best way to rank for SEO if you are trying to do that and it is also an excellent way to distribute your first round of promotions.  Ideally it should be in conjunction with your promotions on your website and the new work should be linked, hash tagged with key phrased. It can also bridge your private email mailing lists from collectors (who don’t want to use modern social media and still would prefer that you mail them a card in the mail)  with the other distribution of social media news using their share api.  Undoubtedly it is wonderful if you can have an article written up on someone’s else’s blog or news site but those aren’t always easy to come by and the important thing is to do consistent distribution of news every week without spending your studio time on social media.   This is why I try to write-up something with my coffee before I go to work in the studio at 8am and distribute later in the day. Some weeks you have a lot of news so then you can pick up the pace but you should be mindful of the adage of crying wolf.   If you harass your collectors with a constant barrage of emails and social media it had better be for a good reason for it is easy as pie to stop viewing your feed or subscribing to your news.

While I’m on that topic. Spamming your news feed in Facebook or Instagram with tons of individual photos from an event is one of my pet peeves.  It is inconsiderate because while you hog the news feed with 30-40 individual photos others are doing so as well and so it makes it virtually impossible for someone else to have any time on the newsfeed.  Let’s just call that a road hog of the news highway. Google and other search engines do not give you credit for such spamming for a reason.  A better and more considerate practice is to save up you photos to put into an album and then all at once so that you album appears in the newsfeed.  Also. No one is really that interested in seeing all your clubbing photos.  That is just an exercise of narcissism and I seriously doubt that it makes you more professional or interesting to either collectors or galleries.  I’m so glad that I haven’t posted my personal party pics online because once they are online they are never gone…

Women Painting Women, “A Penny for Your Thoughts” by Deborah Chapin

I added my painting “A Penny for Your Thoughts” to my site collection of Water Portraits of Women. This piece took several turns in the evolution.  At first I started it as a 24 x 36 and although I was really pleased with the portrait’s progress I had to say when I started putting the reflection in I wasn’t pleased because it became so dominate in the painting and a quiet thoughtful portrait started to disappear, so I took it out. Then it sat there and looked at me for awhile and I wasn’t happy with it still so I made the decision to cut the painting down.   I ended up with a 20 x 30 but I think as a painting it works much more now than it ever did with the reflection just a few bubble to suggest that the model was underwater.   Check out the painting on my site to see the whole story. 

<strong><font color="313A61" face="times roman" >Penny for Your Thoughts, Portraits of Women by Deborah Chapin</font>
Penny for Your Thoughts, Portraits of Women by Deborah Chapin

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