Installation of Painting at the Hyatt

Hyatt Installation of "Carolina Coast" Painting by Deborah Chapin
Hyatt Installation of “Carolina Coast” Painting by Deborah Chapin


Well I just got back from installing “Carolina Coast” painting as the replacement piece for “the Baypainting at the Hyatt Chesapeake Resort.   I was going to send these photos by mobile but it seems that my phone is in need of some serious upgrades.  At any rate it took 3 hours to install one painting, actually bolted to the wall and I’m screwdriver challenged.  I would think that I was starting to make progress and then the screw  would flip across the room.   There were lots of people there milling about and a good number stopped to talk and then pick up screws I was dropping during the conversations.  I installed the painting into the frame on the floor and my black pants looked gray, guess they don’t steam clean the marble floors.   At any rate, I did it and now there is a new piece installed.  Now I re-stretch the client painting and it will be ready for pick up this weekend.  Take a peak at “The Bay” piece before it disappears.

Hyatt Installation of "The Bay" painting by Deborah Chapin
Hyatt Installation of “The Bay” painting by Deborah Chapin

I put these photos up on my site as background photos for the “Carolina Coast”, if you are interested in purchasing the new piece “Carolina Coast”  please contact me through my website.

new set of giclees at my online store

I’m just puttering away over here… I added a couple of new pieces to the giclee collection, see my Mud Pies This is a canvas print (giclee) from a plein air painting I did in Brittany France.  Original is sold, if you would like to commission a beach piece of your own please see
Help me Create a Commission smaller works are available starting at 16×20

Mud Pies, 12x18 Canvas Print Made To Order
Mud Pies, 12×18 Canvas Print Made To Order

Mud Pies is on sale at

Feature on Completely Coastal

Maya has done a Blog Feature of my work on her blog Completely Coastal which I think is just spectacular… of course I’m biased. Take a look, from a different perspective…
Completely Coastal Blog Feature

Thank you Maya

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