Summer’s end, exploding portfolio and 3 great models

Well last ‪#‎model‬ session for ‪#‎underwater‬ ‪#‎portraits‬  was Sunday.   I had a fabulous productive summer with three new models this year and multiple sessions covering most of the summer months.   I have to comment about my models who were so exceptional.  I had probably 50 “applicants” all told for posing.  Some people seemed to have difficulty in comprehending what “send me 3 un-edited photos” meant.  Some had difficulty in comprehending that they needed to be able to swim.  Some had difficulty in understanding they needed to show up in order to get the job.   But despite the odds, I ended up with 3 beautiful young women all with full lives and ambitious plans for their lives and still they were able to follow instructions, show up to sessions and try anything.  What do you know!

We ended up creating some of the most spectacular subject matter.     Already creating a set of new charcoal sketches of  4 new pieces.    Preparation for the winter studio sessions and work-a-work-a-work-a .   Wish I could show you what I see but they are all in the mix and stir stage.

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