Starting a New Painting, figurative art, underwater painting

New painting starting
New painting starting  – under tone in on new canvas. 21 x 40

I have done a lot of model sessions lately and I feel rich with materials, I’m so excited by the new things that we are doing and can’t wait to get at the painting, but first there is the homework to do.  Looking at the material with a critical eye and preparing for the painting, planning the size of the canvas and stretching canvas and getting set up.  Then the start of the charcoal sketching to see what the hurdles will be in tackling the painting idea and how to maximize the ideas and develop them as much as possible before starting the painting.  I’m like a horse straining at the bit trying to get going and at the same time trying to restrain myself from just leaping into things.

Making Your Website an Archive or Catalog Your Own

Have you ever felt like technology was jerking you around.  You do your website then pick a perfectly great theme and then you just get everything in place when poof, the theme authors decide that it needs changing.  They want to redo everything and there you are starting all over again with figuring out how to make it work for YOU.  Then there is Facebook Feed Changes, Instagram telling you who you should see, Twitter, Pinterest, …. and who knows what else. (more…)

Taking Off ~ the ground

WIP "A Life in Balance" be Deborah Chapin
WIP “A Life in Balance” be Deborah Chapin

Last week was a crammed pack one with the added work of a major gallery redesign which wasn’t planned but necessary so… just getting back on track. Had another great modeling session on Sunday with Jade and we are really cooking… So many things in the coming line up already my mind is whirling. So I’m resuming at the easel with my “A Life in Balance” piece and hopefully will have a little update tomorrow. Wow, my feet are no longer nailed to the ground now!