Still Wrapping and packing.

#underwaterpainting #deborahchapin #movingastudio Still wrapping and packing
Still wrapping and packing… #archives… #movingastudio #underwaterpainting #artbooks

Still wrapping and packing… and packing and wrapping…   but the floor plan is beginning to reappear.  whew… who knew there were so many archives…

Boxing up the Archives, book drafts, slides, writeups, photos, film, journals…. Show catalogues books, oh my they keep going and going and going .


Found this photo of me back in the 1980’s where I was drawing on Spa Creek…


Organizing my studio to move – The Moving of a Studio

Well it has finally come the decision to move and build a new studio.   It has been a long wait and a lot water under the bridge, but logistically things finally seem to be coming together.  Hopefully.   Moving is normally a chaotic experience but throw in packing  frames, materials for a studio and artwork, books, prints, work benches full size easels not to mention 30 plus years of archives, memorabilia and all that accumulates from the entire family 3 generations and being the only one left … Well you get the idea.  The first mover estimated 13 tons we’ll see what the second mover estimates… That is just scratching the surface.  When I started packing up I decided to try to categorize my move because I knew that I couldn’t do it all in a cushy for life container myself.

So boxing by category of what I called sketches and ideas ranging to my most valuable work archives and items. With those pieces that were sketches being shipped and those which I considered my best being those that I would carry in one trip in my jeep. img_20170212_164140 img_20170205_141003

To organize the pieces and have an inventory I am photoing the piece with my tablet, wrapped it up then put the photo number on the package.  Then as I was sorting through the works to ship vs porting myself  I would sort the photos into two different folders one by the name of the shipping company the other named jeep.  The numbers of the works going via the shipper being put in the shipper folder.    Although I wasn’t doing a hi-res photo it would be enough for me to know what the piece was and the size and hence price of the painting.   At the other end of the project I simply put the photo in the arrival folder as I unpack.  When I am done with unpacking I will know exactly which pieces are damaged or didn’t arrive. Hopefully none but I’m fatalistic when it comes to anyone doing a perfect job these days.






It takes more than an office to be my leader. I am NOT going back.

Basically this is what everyone who believes in America should be doing anyway.  Being a good American means being a good person.   Being a good citizen is standing up for the little guy and gal.  If you have to succeed while oppressing 52% of the population then it not success.  The press says that white working class voted him in and it is about the economy stupid.  NOT TRUE.  According to CNN 61% of his vote came from households of 50k +.  Hillary Clinton actually received more votes from those 50k or less households.  This is about the rich getting richer at the expense of women and blacks and Latinos and every other minority.  So while the Republican propaganda had everyone focusing on Hillary punishing and scapegoating the women again they were busy spreading disinformation about her to manipulate people to thinking they were going to help those working class communities thrive through an anti-establishment slogan maker.  He’s appointing someone to deregulate the banks so we’ll go back to the corrupt global monopolies that ruined our economies before “including a foe of financial regulation for the powerful position of Treasury secretary. U.S. Rep. Jeb Hensarling, a Texas Republican known for his sharp criticism of the 2010 financial regulatory overhaul”  That doesn’t sound like it will help anyone I know.  “Plus: Russia was in contact with Mr. Trump’s team during the presidential campaign,”  WSJ  He’s recruiting lobbyist for his cabinet. NYT They have basically voted in the fox to guard the hen-house.  True reform doesn’t come at the expense of Democracy.  IT IS OUR COUNTRY TOO.

It is more important to stand up now and be heard than ever before.  If you are white be a good example of kindness, courtesy, generosity, and caring.   Don’t let people get you down. Don’t despair – Inspire, electrify and take a stand on a platform of positivity as they say.  Lets start a grassroots ground swell with a ground game.

It takes more than an office to be a leader. He can’t lead us down a path of despair if we won’t follow, he can’t make us fear if we have courage. Remember many people have been down the path of oppression before us. The world is watching to see if Democracy truly works. Let’s live up to the words the FREE and the BRAVE.  That means more than just voting it means living and being an America that says no to hate, no to fear, no to all those -ny and -phobia words.   Lets follow the example of our foremothers and forefathers, lets protest in every little way we find in our daily lives.

* Lets support our democratic elected officials get a ground swell going at the State level.  Have your state take a stand like California.  We still have statesmen and women who are going to fight and filibuster and obstruct his policy Join Elizabeth Warren’s Team. Write letters emails let them know you support their fight. Lift them up.

*If you see someone being bullied or some beating someone call the police stop it if you are physically able.  Keep on doing what you have been doing posting videos and keeping everyone honest.

* Call out the mass media to do their job to do what they should have been doing all along, investigative journalism.

*Join a group that supports your ideals. Become as active as you can.

*Join protests and marches have conversations with people.

*Sign petitions protests Change the Electoral Vote 2.2 million and growing

*Encourage those around you to become active.
Add to this list with your comments

The important thing is he might have won the battle but he hasn’t won the war. I don’t know about you but I am NOT going back. I have waited 30 years for women to have an equal say and some modicum of a fair shot in the economic prosperity of this country.    I am going to have my say! I am going to keep pushing forward in my work toward a brighter more inclusive, big-hearted America.   I am going to live up to my nick name Gab-orah I am NOT going to fear and hate and allow this man and his group of vigilantes to be my leader. He can’t lead if I won’t follow.

You can protest in all sorts of ways from the way you think, to what you do when you to interact with people and be vocal speak up.  He hasn’t won MY heart, MY mind , MY soul or MY vote and I do NOT respect what he stands for.

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.”
― Mahatma Gandhi