“Holding Up the Sky” another layer done. Book of Water Project

So, this is where I’m up to on “Holding up the Sky” piece.  I have to let this layer set up and dry  so I’ll be working on my Jade’s piece tomorrow bringing it up to the same level then back and forth until they done.  Getting there. Lots of work to do yet.   Stretching a new canvas… Next!


Working in complementary secondary colors, contemporary art, contemporary realism, underwater portrait painting

Ok so I’ve been working the color layers on the back face and arms.   Playing with complimentary secondary colors on the back neck and face working down the arms and then hands.  This is basically layering back and forth between cool and warm colors breaking up the color as I go and creating value variations to map out the form.  I haven’t been able to get a good photo of what I am seeing since the paint is still wet but I did take a short video of working on the hair and surrounds.

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2nd piece underway, contemporary art, creative realism


I started the charcoal last week for a 2nd piece in a series within the Book of Water project.  Trying to get a number of works underway so that one can dry while another one can be worked on.   At any rate, this one is another one with dramatic angles and lighting and surprise finish.

Progressing on the next underwater portrait painting

#WIP Underwater portrait figurative-art painting by Deborah Chapin
#WIP Underwater portrait figurative-art painting by Deborah Chapin

I have been working gradually on the 2nd piece but I was slightly distracted this week with the transition of the seasons I realized that I had to make the best use of good weather before winter brrrr…. so I ordered a new camera for next season and hopefully will try it out this coming week before the season ends, organized the programs we are going to do next year, and stocked up on props oorah and cleared out the studio a bit to make room for all the new work.  Donated 8-11 bags of stuff to Lupus in the hopes that someone will find a use for things.

So, anyway, I’m advancing on the painting but a little slower than I’d hoped.  Started in on the color a long way to go but I’m pleased with how it is progressing.